Complex’s Politickin’ With John Brown: “Rush Limbaugh’s Biggest L’s”

The ultra-conservative talking head has had a rough month. Our political columnist breaks down his career fails.

Politickin’ With John Brown: Rush Limbaugh’s Biggest L’s


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Rush Turns Red In Embarrassing Throwback Clip

In light of Rush Limbaugh’s rejection by the NFL, I dug up this classic clip that had a young “Racist Rush” sweating like a pig from embarrassment. When the pre-fame Limbaugh hosted Pat Sajack’s short-lived talk show in 1990, he didn’t anticipate a planned sabotage by activists waiting in the audience. A priceless moment in TV showdowns.

Complex’s Politickin’ With John Brown: “The 5 Most Racist Attacks On President Obama”

Read the whole article HERE 


Jimmy Carter Calls Joe Wilson Racist As Congress Votes To Admonish

Georgia’s own, Jimmy Carter, finally stepped up to the plate and broke down the real motives behind Joe Wilson’s unprecedented heckling. I’m glad to see a former Prez say what it is, because some of the recent Obama criticism has been blatantly racist, and as one Democrat from South Carolina explained, “silence means consent.” Keep in mind, Wilson’s outburst was also triggered by fears that Obama would, God forbid, give health care to “illegal aliens” – translation: undocumented Mexican laborers who are essentially the exploited back-bone of much of our economy. I didn’t hear anyone challenge him on that.     














Meanwhile, as reports flooded in about Obama calling Kanye names, the House formally admonished the white supremacist, Wilson, with a vote of 240-179 – split down party lines. I did find it interesting that one of the dissenting votes on the Democrat side was the “far-left”, Dennis Kucinich. I’m curious to hear his reasoning. Now about that health care bill…


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