Extreme Trainsurfing

This anonymous German, known simply as “the trainrider”, allegedly enjoyed the last year of his life engaging in extreme sports before dying from Leukemia.

“Don’t even try it, you’ll look stupid, do not pursue it

Snowboarder Barely Escapes Avalanche

“I think we just forgot to read some signs.”

Top 10 UFC Knockouts

Taken from TheCageDoctors

Best Of Genki Sudo – MMA Legend

Japan’s Genki Sudo, now retired, is considered one of MMA’s G.O.A.T.’s – known for his spinning back fists, flying triangles and elaborate entrances. As a practicing Buddhist, he also lived by a principle belief: “We Are All One”. I co-sign.


Australia’s Craziest Surf Spot

Shipstern’s Bluff is considered one of Australia’s most intense surf sites.


Here’s a highlight reel

Shaun White’s Best Snowboarding Highlights

Widely considered one of the top 10 snowboarders in the world, 23-year-old Shaun White, has been competing since he was nine and kills it each year at the X Games. Here’s some of his best highlight reels…

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Miami Fighter, Level, Transitions To Pro MMA

The ascent of Kimbo Slice into pro MMA has scouts seeking out the next street brawler who can become a household-name martial artist. Many have their money on Miami-based fighter, Rene “Level” Martinez. Recently recruited by Team Nogueira, who helped produce Anderson Silva,  Level is making his pro debut on September 25  at “Rumble On The Rock“. The Miami New Times recently wrote a lengthy and interesting profile on the born-again Christian, who’s been through a lot of drama in his 35 years. 


Currently 8-0 in Miami-Dade County’s unsanctioned brawling circuit, Level hopes to elevate to the upper echelons of MMA and give his hard knocks tale a Hollywood ending. Here’s a look at some of his on-line matches that won him a cult following and an opportunity at a belt…

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VIDEO: Underground MMA Fight


so im in the city gettin revived b4 hitn the lab when this australian chick rolls up and tells us bout an underground boxing round the cornr 10:34 PM Jul 7th from mobile web

so we here and its real crazy like a club wit a dj and a ring in the middle of the dancefloor. these dudes bout to fight
10:37 PM Jul 7th from mobile web

Footage filmed on a BlackBerry – a little janky, but entertaining nonetheless.

Courtesy of Original Anthem

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