Complex Exclusive: The Ted Bawno Interview!

Complex homie John Brown sits down with the elusive ego trip founder for a surprisingly candid conversation.

The Ted Bawno Interview!


Baseline Studios Recording Session On ‘ego trip’s (White) Rapper Show’

With the closing of Baseline Studios imminent, The Megatron Don’s been donating various memorabilia via Twitter over the past week. In honor of the legendary lab, here’s a memorable segment on ‘ego trip’s (White) Rapper Show’ when the song Smoke In the Club was recorded at the spot on w.26th Street. Just Blaaaaze!


Under The Influence Of ego trip

The ego trip collective is back with three nights of classic hip-hop documentaries at the Maysles Institute in Harlem. Below is an excerpt from one of the films, Gary Weis’ 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s.


Paper Mag Interviews Sacha Jenkins

The ego trip don speaks with Paper Mag about Piecebook Reloaded, which he created along with David “Chino” Villorente.

DH: In looking around today, people have noted that the movement seems to be taken over by white boys from the suburbs. What do you think?

SJ: White boys from the suburbs come from a place where there is an understanding in regards to the culture of commerce. They’re bred to understand the value of things, they’re also bred to be in the position to determine the value of luxury items like fine art.

Read the rest HERE


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“Piecebook Battle” At Cartier Foundation, Paris

Here’s some footage of the Piecebook Battle that recently took place in Paris. Judges included David “Chino” Villorente, JonOne and ego trip’s Sacha Jenkins.  

Finalists – Reso and Katre – converted their designs from book to canvas in 4 hours

Some Work From Other Contestants

The Story Behind ego trip's Mascot

So last night a few M.O.E.T. (members of ego trip) came out to support ya boy at the launch party. For those who aren’t familiar with the collective, do the knowledge. Here’s a short video of Chairman Mao breaking down the story behind the team’s mascot. More ego trippin on the way…  

ego trip Presents “The Burbs” Mixtape

Download HERE


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