Cooking With Neezer – “5 Course Housewarming Meal (Serves 1)”


1st Course: Trader Joe’s canned trout fillets.¬†Season with Shichimi Togarashi
2nd Course: Generous handful of honey roasted peanuts
3rd Course: 1/2 jar marinated artichoke hearts
4th Course: 6oz generic can of chunk light tuna in water. Season with name brand condiments to taste
5th Course: Toaster oven broiled veggie burgers garnished with sliced pepperocinis & chili garlic sauce

Previously: Cooking With Neezer – “Prosciutto Salad”

Cooking With Neezer – “Prosciutto Salad”

Who says cooking for one can’t be delicious, nutritious, AND fun? Not me. This evening’s PBD-obliterating masterpiece can be prepared in less than five minutes.


1/2 bag of lettuce or spinach (preferably inorganic)
1.5-2 oz thinly sliced prosciutto
1 or 2 frozen veggie burgers
Sliced jalapenos
Ba-tambte delicatessen style mustard (no other brand will suffice)

(1) Place veggie burgers in microwave for three minutes (2) Place spinach in medium sized bowl (3) Place prosciutto on spinach (4) Place jalapeno’s on prosciutto
(5) Place mustard on jalapenos (6) Toss gently.
Garnish with veggie burgers & enjoy!


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