Wall Street’s Gambling Addiction

Multi-platinum author Michael Lewis spills the beans on his old hustle, stockbroking, to 60 Minutes. The only thing more stunning than the savage thievery he describes is that homie is married to MTV’s Tabitha Soren. I wonder what 2Pac was up to when Tabitha’s husband was getting a $200,000 bonus as a 25-year-old banker. #randomthoughts

Part 1

Part 2

60 Minutes Profiles American Samoa

More than 30 NFL players come from this region that has a population of only 65,000 people. 60 Minutes investigates.

An interview with Troy Polamalu after the jump
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The Birdmen Profiled On 60 Minutes

60 Minutes did an ill story on these extreme sportsmen who glide off mountaintops at speeds approaching 140 MPH. Don’t look before you leap.

Tim Donaghy Seeks Redemption In 60 Minutes

Disgraced ref, Tim Donaghy, tries to redeem himself and throw the referee institution under the bus in his 60 Minutes interview.¬†Damn, bro. You threw your career down the drain for $2,000 a game? Gamblin’s a helluva euphoria.

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