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The NBA 2K 16 soundtrack is the most extensive its ever been – with original playlists from DJ Premier, DJ Khaled & DJ Mustard. To promote the soundtrack we wanted to do something that was true to hip-hop and referenced the fact that Spike Lee was directing the game’s storyline. We went retro and created custom NBA 2K boomboxes, putting the playlists on mixtapes with hand-written track listings and drops from Spike Lee. Radio Raheem would be proud.

Premium packages were sent to celebrity gamersDJs and NBA players – with fans competing to win their own boombox. The online demand showed the power of offering a tangible collector’s item in today’s digital world.

I tapped into my young journalism days and interviewed the three DJs who provided the game’s soundtrack. We spoke about the relationship between hip hop & basketball and then hit the club.

truTV presents ‘truPIDITY’ Game

The homie Gino Click worked on this hilarious ‘choose your own (stupid) adventure’ game. No brainer fun.

Cars Wars Video Game

An OG Texas Instruments game from ’81. Oh, how times games have changed.

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Props to Prezzo

Human Tetris On Skateboards

You could call it a futuristic promo-run. A team of 36 skaters ride down a San Francisco hill on Freebords with neon lights attached for a trippy finale. Jerry Garcia would be proud.

Shadow Represents On DJ Hero

Str8 out the the burbs of Davis, California, Josh “DJ Shadow” Davis, is reppin’ the dirty-530 relentlessly. On October 27, his place in hip-hop history will be immortalized in the video game matrix with the highly-anticipated release of DJ Hero.


After the jump is footage of Shadow speaking about the new venture as well as some clips from the game. All I can say is homie’s come a long long way from Steve’s Pizza. Big ups.


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MMA Fighter Flips Out On EA Sports Programmers. Or Does He?

Either way, it’s Miller Time for Mayhem.

Contra x Duck Hunt




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