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NOS Energy Drink x Mistress x theBURBSLIFE

Check this new digital experiencefor Coca Cola’s Energy Drink – NOS. See how much of a hard-nosed rugged individualist you are.  Featuring music and creative from theBURBSLIFE.

I’m eating.

Flew to Montreal just to have GSP tell you to earn more scars.

KIND x Mistress x theBURBSLIFE

Working on the #StrongAndKind movement with Kevin Durant. Our next shit’s bout to be our best shit.


Jägermeister x Mistress x theBURBSLIFE

Jägermeister launched its first ever out-of-home campaign across the United States. Among the dozens of cities blessed with these prints were NYC, Chicago, Austin, New Orleans and Columbus, Ohio (where Jäger’s kind of a big deal). Creative contributions from theBURBSLIFE.

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Cedars Sinai x Mistress x theBURBSLIFE

Taped a baby to a wall and dressed up a dog in the name of health. The photographer killed it. Creative contributions from theBURBSLIFE.
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