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HERE I AM | Music Video [The Physical Version ]

To launch the Here I Am video, the homie Mikey Flocka from FRANK151 helped us create the world’s first music video that you can feel for real. It’s a limited edition book that puts an analog spin on something inherently digital.

See the vision, read the lyrics and imagine how it sounds. If you got one in the mail, feel privileged. If not, contact us and we’ll sort you out. Either way, experience the digital version HERE

Hit the jump for a look inside.

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Lex Luger RESPECT Interview

Saddam Money

I wonder how much this is worth.


John Edwards: The Most Unpopular Man In America

The new issue of NY Mag features a pretty fascinating excerpt about John Edwards from the controversy-ridden new book, Game Changer. The passage details how Edwards’ meteoric success distorted his self-perception and caused a disconnect between his public persona and his private reality. Dude was feeling himself. Apparently he’s now the most unpopular bloke of the land, even behind Tiger Woods.


In Edwards’ defense, he didn’t exactly commit a crime and has dealt with considerable personal tragedy over the years. With that said, the piece is an interesting look at the affect that massive public attention had on the former Presidential candidate.


UPDATE: Edwards now admits to fathering Rielle Hunter’s baby, and the mistress breaks her silence.

Yuki 7

So Cal artist Kevin Dart makes these dope illustrations surrounding a fictitious character he created called Yuki 7. He sells prints of them through his company Fleet Street Scandal. Rumors are circulating that he’s planning to venture into inflatable dolls. But you didn’t hear it from me. Just playin’.


More of Yuki’s adventures below
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KING Mag Relaunches

It’s good to see one of the illest men’s magazines back in print. Even better is Rosa Acosta jumping it off.


Double R

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Hot Hollywood’s 25 Things You Don’t Know About Snoop Dogg


Spotted @SnoopDogg

Estevan Oriol Book Signing At SURU

On Friday night, Estevian Oriol held a book signing at SURU for his collection of photographs that pay tribute to L.A. Women. A lot of heads came out to support. Here’s some pics from the event…


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Paper Mag Interviews Sacha Jenkins

The ego trip don speaks with Paper Mag about Piecebook Reloaded, which he created along with David “Chino” Villorente.

DH: In looking around today, people have noted that the movement seems to be taken over by white boys from the suburbs. What do you think?

SJ: White boys from the suburbs come from a place where there is an understanding in regards to the culture of commerce. They’re bred to understand the value of things, they’re also bred to be in the position to determine the value of luxury items like fine art.

Read the rest HERE


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Psychological Warfare In MMA

Fighters Only Mag takes a closer look at the mind games waged internally and externally in MMA.

“He was going down we planned/but this wasn’t no ordinary man



Read the rest of the article after the jump
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