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200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes


Bill Maher Calls Out Obama

Dear Obama, step your game up.

Bill Maher’s Take On ‘Rally To Restore Sanity’


“I have a dream, they have a nightmare.”

Last U.S. Combat Brigade Formally Leaves Iraq

A seven year cluster-fuck mistake finally comes to an end. The long-term repercussions will only now begin to be felt. Thanks, Bush.

Pat Tillman’s Mom Says Military Routinely Lies To Soldier’s Families

Mother of the former Arizona Cardinal who got bodied in Afghanistan speaks out about the government’s systemic routine of covering up military deaths. She accuses the recently fired General McChrystal of playing a central role in falsifying the story about her son’s death.

“He’s not an isolated incident, this happnes on a regular basis…it’s not isolated to the Bush Administration…the military lies to  the family.”

Arizona State Police’s “News Conference”

The Arizona pigs are not happy. Frustrated with the backlash to the state’s new racial profiling policy, the troopers publicly vent and throw shots at Phoenix’s mayor. Keep an eye on these guys; they’re about to go postal on the whole society.

Jim Brown & The Rise Of His Son, Christopher “Dudus” Coke

As the Jamaican government calls a state of emergency due to violence surrounding the extradition of Christopher “Dudus” Coke, here’s an in-depth documentary about the background of the situation.

South African White Supremacist Threatens Woman On TV

Wow-zuuurz. Somebody snuff this dude.

COMPLEX’s Politickin’ With John Brown: “A History Of Politicians And Strippers”

The chairman of the Republican National Committee is in hot water for hiring exotic dancers at a GOP event, but he’s not the first to get caught…

Politickin’ With John Brown: A History Of Politicians And Strippers


Previously: Joe Biden’s Biggest Gaffes

Full 2Pac Speech At Malcolm X Grassroots Meeting [1992]

Stumbled on the second-generation-revolutionary’s full speech at the Malcolm X Grassroots Meeting In ATL. Ambitionz az a ridah.

“I can’t go to college. There’s too much problems out here. I ain’t got the money, nobody do.”

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