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OP-ED: Hip-Hop Lost


Considering my Politickin’ videos didn’t exactly inspire a generation to vote, I sobered up and penned this earnest letter to whoever knows what time it is.


5 Reasons Why An MMA Political Talk Show Would Be Awesome

(Right wing, hospital. Left wing, cemetary.)

The other day I‘m eating roasted chicken and fries, about to drop a new song on Twitter and I notice another round of political grappling between legendary MMA fighters @PatMiletich and @JeffMonson They‘ve been tweeting back and forth the past couple months about everything from the Middle East saga to U.N. Agenda 21. At times it seemed like they might take it to the Octagon.

For those unfamiliar with Monson‘s left wing ideological rep, he made headlines in 2009 after getting his Anarchist Banksy on in front of ESPN photographers at the Washington State Capitol. A move that would make Lil Jon proud. Militech, while known lately for blessing Showtime with his thorough correspondent skills, seems to come from the ‘America, love-it-or-leave it‘ side of the political aisle. Then the thought crossed my mind…

They quickly saw the vision…
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Weather Woman Likes It Hot

Weather, lies & videotape.

“I don’t even know what I said.”

Eugene Jackson’s MMA House in E. Palo Alto

If you’ve been following MMA for a minute, you’re probably familiar with East Palo Alto native, Eugene Jackson. After hanging up the small gloves in 2007, The Wolf set up a make-shift gym/living space to train locals in his old hood. TIME takes a closer look.

How Long Will They Mourn Me Mondays: Amy Winehouse

Below is some eerie rare footage of 18-year old Winehouse speaking on the future. RIP.
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1000 Miles and Parkourin’

Parkour, which started 20 years ago in the Burbs of France, is now as worldwide as Hip-Hop. In April, British parkourist, Sticky, took the art form into the humanitarian lane by Freerunning from the UK to Paris – 1000 miles – nonstop for a month. Dude ran an average of a marathon a day, sleeping outdoors, all to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Well dayum.

To track the figures or throw down go HERE

More vids below
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Run This Town

The History of Wikipedia

Yea, we’re into stuff like this.


Sidebar: Fela Kuti Breaks Down Demo-Cracy

Potential ‘Columbine’ Scenario Averted in Davis

Apparently dude was ready to get his Virginia Tech on before getting apprehended. It ain’t all good in the burbs.

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