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John Brown | Steve McQueen [Music Video]


Produced by theBURBSLIFE
Horns by Matt Mattera
Bass by Gareth Schumacher
Record & Mixed by Gareth Schumacher @ Foreword Productions, Los Angeles.
Mastered by Matt @ Foreword Productions


They say a picture’s worth 32 bars and a hook. Give or take.

In this animated short – the first of its kind for me – step into theBURBSLIFE gallery. Where the world becomes the canvas and the obstacles become the art. No pictures please.

Animations by Jeffrey Cobelli
Directed by theBURBSLIFE

With help from:
Jesse Danger
Jonathan Ferland-Valois
Dim Monk
Rick Seedman
Khalid West




October surprise. In a year of Politickin‘ and Gunocide, it was time to catch a body of original work. An offering from one Griot to another. Inspired by luxury. Manifested through hustle. Welcome to theBURBSLIFE


There’s two sides to every story. Unless you’re the King of the Burbs. Then there’s two sides, cocktails and room for desert.


Production Credits via BURBERRY

Mixed by Gareth Schumacher, G Koop & theBURBSLIFE
Mastered by Marcos Jay Teno
Cover art: Courtney Schumacher
Photographer: Drew Botcherby

Politickin’ with John Brown | Smokin’ Ben Carson

The Chronic, Tical, Kaya, Kesha, Cheeba Cheeba, Dr. Greenthumb, Piff. Whether we Smoke Two Joints, Take Hits From the Bong or Pass the Kouchie to the left hand side, the culture loves to Stay High Day ’N Nite.

But something has come along that makes us question everything we’ve ever smoked. Something from a doctor who specializes in manipulating the brain. Where a contact high alone has the effects of an Evangelist conducting open-head surgery. It’s a high so strong it’ll have you running towards gunfire, thinking Egyptian Pyramids are throwback supermarkets and taking low key naps on stage. Dude.

Do you feel that the Big Bang Theory is the work of Satan? Do you giggle uncontrollably while speaking about mass shootings? Then you must be smoking on that Ben Carson.

Burn Down, Babylon.

John Brown

Credits below:
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The NBA 2K 16 soundtrack is the most extensive its ever been – with original playlists from DJ Premier, DJ Khaled & DJ Mustard. To promote the soundtrack we wanted to do something that was true to hip-hop and referenced the fact that Spike Lee was directing the game’s storyline. We went retro and created custom NBA 2K boomboxes, putting the playlists on mixtapes with hand-written track listings and drops from Spike Lee. Radio Raheem would be proud.

Premium packages were sent to celebrity gamersDJs and NBA players – with fans competing to win their own boombox. The online demand showed the power of offering a tangible collector’s item in today’s digital world.

I tapped into my young journalism days and interviewed the three DJs who provided the game’s soundtrack. We spoke about the relationship between hip hop & basketball and then hit the club.

The Instrumentals: Burbs Life Music LP

This project was built on a collection of beats that have stories of their own. Seven I produced in the Bay during the Spring of ’11. Smoking grapes, eating dried guava and crab. In my own fuckin world. Three of the tracks are from the masterfully deranged virtuoso, Will Bracy. Out of Oakland. He’s not on the internets much. But the kid is stacking #Beats4Days. The anchor of the project, G Koop, held down the title track with a guitar-driven slap that reps the Wes like Montgomery. We made that beat in like an hour on a typical foggy ass morning in the Bay. Grape Swishers and Aquafina, bitch. Where my cyphas at?

Burbs Life Music LP

Tracklist after the jump

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Transitions ft. Betty Steeles (prod. by theBURBSLIFE)

Oh Yeah ft. Sarah Miller (prod. by theBURBSLIFE)

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