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Politickin’ with John Brown: I Treat My B*tches Like Bernie

Whether he’s pulling out early or going all the way, Bernie Sanders has come an extraordinary distance. Was this longevity achieved by the way he spits game? How he chills with rappers? Or flies in birds? 


But if there’s one thing we learned from Vermont’s OG, it’s how to put 10 toes down for these dimes. How to ride for these ladies so they’ll bring you right to that Oval Office. 

From 2016 ’til Infinity, you already know – I Treat My B*tches Like Bernie. 
John Brown

Director: Jessica Rew & Marcos Jay Teno for Elefante Entertainment
Editor: Jessica Rew
Director of Photography: Frank Ponce
Video produced by theBURBSLIFE & Dave Horowitz
Art Direction: Jake Hanna, Christine Ramsay Leri & Thao Le
Written by John Brown & the Internet
Audio Produced by Downtown
Guest Vocals by Denikqa
Audio Recorded & Mixed by Gareth Schumacher @ Foreword Productions
Mastered by Matt @ Foreword Productions

John Brown | God Willing

Shalom Alaykum.

Video Directed by Jessica Rew and Marcos Jay Teno

Song produced by theBURBSLIFE
Download it here:

John Brown | Gunocide (prod. by theBURBSLIFE)

All jokes aside.

Via ego trip

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Politickin’ with John Brown | Smokin’ Ben Carson

The Chronic, Tical, Kaya, Kesha, Cheeba Cheeba, Dr. Greenthumb, Piff. Whether we Smoke Two Joints, Take Hits From the Bong or Pass the Kouchie to the left hand side, the culture loves to Stay High Day ’N Nite.

But something has come along that makes us question everything we’ve ever smoked. Something from a doctor who specializes in manipulating the brain. Where a contact high alone has the effects of an Evangelist conducting open-head surgery. It’s a high so strong it’ll have you running towards gunfire, thinking Egyptian Pyramids are throwback supermarkets and taking low key naps on stage. Dude.

Do you feel that the Big Bang Theory is the work of Satan? Do you giggle uncontrollably while speaking about mass shootings? Then you must be smoking on that Ben Carson.

Burn Down, Babylon.

John Brown

Credits below:
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Politickin’ with John Brown | Melania

With campaign season heating up, it’s time to remember why we do this hip-hop shit. To speak truth to power, give a voice to the voiceless, fight injustice with our words. And sometimes it means hollering at another man’s wife. Another man who just happens to be running for President.

While the media can’t stop talking about Donald’s latest divisive statement, John Brown offers another Trump some undivided attention. A Trump who may help make America great if only she can stop the hate. A Trump who may think she has it all, until she realizes she’s missing what’s most important – a King who can treat her the way every Queen deserves to be treated. This is for you, Melania from Yugoslavia.

A Don that can sponsor ya.
Credits Below:

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I had the honor to work on the new NBA 2K16 campaign – Be The Story. Narrated by Spike Lee with original music from Squeak-E-Clean.

Wrote the bars for this launch spot; the moral: at the end of the day, just do you. Word to Russell.

Wrote this short story about Anthony Davis and the ultimate come up. No DVD.

R. Kellz wasn’t the only one who believed he could fly.


The NBA 2K 16 soundtrack is the most extensive its ever been – with original playlists from DJ Premier, DJ Khaled & DJ Mustard. To promote the soundtrack we wanted to do something that was true to hip-hop and referenced the fact that Spike Lee was directing the game’s storyline. We went retro and created custom NBA 2K boomboxes, putting the playlists on mixtapes with hand-written track listings and drops from Spike Lee. Radio Raheem would be proud.

Premium packages were sent to celebrity gamersDJs and NBA players – with fans competing to win their own boombox. The online demand showed the power of offering a tangible collector’s item in today’s digital world.

I tapped into my young journalism days and interviewed the three DJs who provided the game’s soundtrack. We spoke about the relationship between hip hop & basketball and then hit the club.

John Brown Interview w/ Psych Word Radio

Setting off 2015 with a new Psych Word interview.

Sidebar: Damn that’s an old pic.

Tales From Tristar w/ Firas Zahabi [music by theBURBSLIFE]

[photo credit theBURBSLIFE]

I had the honor of developing and scoring this 10-part video series with legendary MMA trainer, Firas Zahabi, from Montreal’s Tristar Gym. An exceptionally wise sensei and strategic philosopher, Firas has groomed UFC Hall of Famer, Georges St-Pierre, as well as dozens of world-class fighters over the years. Check out the whole series below, sponsored by NOS Energy Drink.

Agency: Mistress
Videography: Brian Rigazzi
Editor: Jess Lorenzo
Music by theBURBSLIFE

Introducing a Master: Firas Zahabi / Ep. 1

Watch the 9 other episodes after the jump
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SOL REPUBLIC: Music Made Me Do It

Lyrics and vocals by John Brown.

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