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Auzriel / All I Need [Music Video]

NYC-based Diva, Auzriel, drops a visual for her latest record. Instant club jam: just add alcohol.

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Weather Woman Likes It Hot

Weather, lies & videotape.

“I don’t even know what I said.”

How to Safely Sleep With a Groupie

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Groupie-mania is a real phenomenon. Salacious anonymous gals, screaming in a lustful hypnotic state, want energy from your perceived success. Indulgence is not a sin, but ignorance is unforgivable. Embrace groupie ‘love’ with caution.

Key steps below

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Let’s Have Some Ice Cream



Wine Rack Flask Bra

The good people over at ‘The Sneaky Drinking Headquarters‘ just introduced this incredibly useful accessory for the female lush. Listed at only $28.75, this affordable beer bra is sure to rack up some sales.


More shots below
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Estevan Oriol Shoots Megan Daniels

Earlier this year at the Agenda Tradeshow, I met some cats who work with ‘Two In The Shirt’ clothing – that’s right, T.I.T.S. Here’s a clip of Estevan Oriol shooting model Megan Daniels for their campaign. Good way to use the flash.


Previously: Estevan Oriol Book Signing

Avianova’s Commercial Break

While Alaska Airlines relied on some humor for their classic commercials, Russian airline Avianova is holding it down with the soft porn approach. Super Fly.

Beauty And The Streets

Apparently, Angie Sanclemente, is a bad chick for real.


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South Korea’s Million Dollar Baby

After defecting from North Korea as a teen, female boxer Choi Hyun-Mi has become South Korea’s reigning WBA featherweight champ since 2007. Don’t let the cute face fool you, she strikes like Kim Jong-Il.



Biba Golic Serves Tables

Serbian table tennis pro, Biba Golic, hits balls with fury to become one of the most feared players in her sport. Not only has she excelled while single – becoming a 2-time Yugoslavian champ – but also achieved a collegiate championship while performing in doubles. A raw talent.


After the jump are some more pics and her one-on-one showdown with Maxim’s Mike Dawson
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