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Homemade Bungee Cord Jumping

Boredom is a helluva drug.

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Guy Who Knocked Out Suge Gets Put To Sleep By Bouncer

This is fuckin ridiculous. These bouncers lost their damn minds and thought they were a tag team in a cage. Props to Greg ‘The KO Kid‘ for not tapping.

The World’s Largest Skateboard

The CEO of California Skateparks, Joe Ciaglia, just designed this massive skateboard that looks like it’s from level four of Super Mario Kart. Honey, I shrunk the skaters.


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The Real JB?

Moral of the story: bring our troops home; they’re going nuts.

The Portable Office

Boss up with this office-on-wheels from the mind of Tim Vinke. Made out of polystyrene, the mobile cubicle lets you handle business, essentially, in the streets.



More shots below
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UFC Fighter Goes Head-To-Head With Pitbulls

Apparently UFC hopeful, Kyacey Uscola, fought two pitbulls while filming The Ultimate Fighter 11. Sounded nuts. In this promo video, Uscola definitely seems like ‘most likely to fight pitbulls for the fuck of it’.


Davis Native, Nick Watney, Tied For 5th Place In PGA Tour

Golfer Nick Watney sharpened his game as part of Davis High School’s Golf Team before taking off as a successful pro. He is currently tied for fifth place in The Masters, ahead of Tiger Woods. Staggering ‘burb credibility.


Big Daddy Kane Defines “Freestyle”

While contributing to the book “How To Rap“, the legend MC breaks down the linguistic root of “freestyling” vs. “off the dome” rhyming.

Confession: did not know that.


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Squirrel Acrobatics

This squirrel goes through a rigorous obstacle course singing Gimme Dat Nut.

Chandler Parsons Game-Winning Shot

The Florida Gators’ Chandler Parsons nails a 60-foot shot to win in overtime against NC State. College Basketball > NBA

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