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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Coke

Guest writer, AliDurrani continues his posts for TeamBURBZ with a look at one of the world’s most recognized brands. What you know about it?

Undoubtedly, the most famous soft drink brand known to man is Coca-Cola. It happens to be my favorite beverage as well as hundreds of millions of people around the globe. I decided to research the brand and found out some pretty interesting stuff I thought I’d share with my fellow Burbanites.

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This new series of articles explores the best things to do in the overlooked nooks and crannies of the world. Hit the jump for the 10 best spots in my hometown – the Dirty Five Thirty. It wasn’t easy.
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Bottle Opener Ice Bucket

This seems like a long overdue necessity.
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Suburban English Muffins

Who knew?

Mayweather and Pacquiao Snickers ‘Commercial’

Here’s a creative ad by marketing visionaries Jon Moskowitz & Jack Kellerman. TKO.

World’s Best Beer At Home Of The Stuffed Sandwich

Tucked away in a San Gabriel strip mall, the infamous Sam quietly serves some of the world’s best beers in his long-held establishment, veiled as Home Of The Stuffed Sandwich. Very few people come for the food. It would be hard pressed to ask for a beer that doesn’t sit in some nook and cranny of the restaurant. But that doesn’t mean you always get what you ask for.

IMG01064-20100123-14561The beer ordering begins with Sam’s Socratic process of deciphering the customer’s knowledge and taste. Once you describe what you’re interested in drinking – and simultaneously expose your level of astuteness – a beer is chosen on your behalf. Their motto is: “Grumpy service, cold food and great beer. What more can you ask for?” I concur.IMG01068-20100123-15131

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Gatorade’s “Unfaithful” To Tiger Woods

That’s G.

Prezzo’s Food Picks For ’09


Top 5 Beverages:

5. Dirty Martini 4. Cheladas 3. Orange Juice 2. Mineral Water 1. Coffee

Top 11 Snacks:

11. Hot Wings 10. Nachos 9. Fruit 8. Pistachios 7. Trail Mix 6. Chex Mix 5. Chips and Salsa 4. Cheese and Crackers 3. Pretzels 2. Almonds 1. Hot Cheese-It’s

Top 5 Main Courses:

5. Pasta 4. Pizza 3. Turkey Sandwiches 2. A Good Burger 1. Burritos

Cooking With Neezer – “5 Course Housewarming Meal (Serves 1)”


1st Course: Trader Joe’s canned trout fillets. Season with Shichimi Togarashi
2nd Course: Generous handful of honey roasted peanuts
3rd Course: 1/2 jar marinated artichoke hearts
4th Course: 6oz generic can of chunk light tuna in water. Season with name brand condiments to taste
5th Course: Toaster oven broiled veggie burgers garnished with sliced pepperocinis & chili garlic sauce

Previously: Cooking With Neezer – “Prosciutto Salad”

Dos Coyotes

If I was stranded on an island with one food spot to choose from, it would unquestionably be Dos Coyotes. Founded in 1991, this North Davis eatery has since expanded to several branches in the greater Sacramento area.


Described as Southwestern cuisine, generous proportions are dished out containing an addictive quality. Their salsa bar is also burb-renowned, with unique blends that go well with a local Sudwerk. So if you’re ever in the 530, don’t sleep on Dos.


More pics after the jump
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