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Make a Movie Out Em

Never seen this done before. DJ collective Screen Works chopped up classic film dialogue to make a succinct rhyme. They made a Moooovie!!!

Heads Up Gino

UNLIKE U Documentary Trailer

UNLIKE U highlights four generations of train writers in Berlin. It includes interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from the legendary Friedrichstraße, the meeting place of Berlin graffiti in the 90s. The film was originally pulled from stations after including illegally-shot footage, but is still circulating the web. Stay tuned for the full story…


Kings Destroy Documentary

Here’s a dope documentary that explores the story of legendary writer, Cope2, and his crew, Kings Destroy. There’s a city full of walls you can post complaints at…

‘Scenes From The Suburbs’ Trailer

After creating one of the smarter viral music video ideas, then releasing an album of the year, Arcade Fire, breeze into the world of short films. Directed by Spike Jonez at that. Tight. Here’s the trailer for their Burbed up flick that should have already premiered somewhere. But for now, this’ll do.



Chronicles of Fedor

With The Last Emperor’s upcoming match with Dan Henderson on the way, here’s a look at the Russian MMA legends past in this brief documentary. No disrespect, but my money’s on Hendo.
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‘The Century Of The Self’ Documentary [2002]

If you a few hours to spare, peep this disturbingly interesting BBC documentary. It explores how Sigmund Freud’s kin helped corporations and the government influence the masses to do things. Bwhahahahaaaa.

‘I Am Here….Now’ [Trailer]

Best trailer ever?

Starving Child


Dicky Eklund vs. Sugar Ray Leonard

For those who have seen The Fighter, here’s the controversial ‘knock down’ that Dicky Eklund claims to have inflicted on Sugar Ray Leonard. Did he slip or was it legit? F that, we say Dicky got him!

Sidebar: Crack is wack

Born Rich Documentary [2003]

A must-see documentary by Jamie Johnson, an heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune. He interviews dozens of incredibly wealthy trust fund kids about their status. Class war!

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