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Potential ‘Columbine’ Scenario Averted in Davis

Apparently dude was ready to get his Virginia Tech on before getting apprehended. It ain’t all good in the burbs.

Woman Kidnapped As a Child Reunited With Family After 23 Years

That’s wild.

LAPD Kill Unarmed Man

Fucking pigs. RIP to Reggie Doucet.

Tunnel of Bud

And it had only been in use for one month?! You know they were tight.

Last U.S. Combat Brigade Formally Leaves Iraq

A seven year cluster-fuck mistake finally comes to an end. The long-term repercussions will only now begin to be felt. Thanks, Bush.

‘Holdin’ Weight’ Trailer

Pat Tillman’s Mom Says Military Routinely Lies To Soldier’s Families

Mother of the former Arizona Cardinal who got bodied in Afghanistan speaks out about the government’s systemic routine of covering up military deaths. She accuses the recently fired General McChrystal of playing a central role in falsifying the story about her son’s death.

“He’s not an isolated incident, this happnes on a regular basis…it’s not isolated to the Bush Administration…the military lies to  the family.”

Guy Who Knocked Out Suge Gets Put To Sleep By Bouncer

This is fuckin ridiculous. These bouncers lost their damn minds and thought they were a tag team in a cage. Props to Greg ‘The KO Kid‘ for not tapping.

Cops May Face Death Penalty In Post-Katrina Shootings

While Johannes Mehserle awaits sentencing for his “involuntary manslaughter” conviction, the Feds are threatening members of the NOPD with capital punishment for their post-Katrina homicides. Welcome to Death Row.

Oakland Reacts to Mehserle Verdict

After Johannes Mehserle was dismissed with a slap on the wrist for murder, some people hit the streets to vent their frustrations. Videographer Oriana Bolden captured some of the reaction in the hours following the verdict. It’s dedicated to some personal friends of mine.


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