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Politickin’ with John Brown: I Treat My B*tches Like Bernie

Whether he’s pulling out early or going all the way, Bernie Sanders has come an extraordinary distance. Was this longevity achieved by the way he spits game? How he chills with rappers? Or flies in birds? 


But if there’s one thing we learned from Vermont’s OG, it’s how to put 10 toes down for these dimes. How to ride for these ladies so they’ll bring you right to that Oval Office. 

From 2016 ’til Infinity, you already know – I Treat My B*tches Like Bernie. 
John Brown

Director: Jessica Rew & Marcos Jay Teno for Elefante Entertainment
Editor: Jessica Rew
Director of Photography: Frank Ponce
Video produced by theBURBSLIFE & Dave Horowitz
Art Direction: Jake Hanna, Christine Ramsay Leri & Thao Le
Written by John Brown & the Internet
Audio Produced by Downtown
Guest Vocals by Denikqa
Audio Recorded & Mixed by Gareth Schumacher @ Foreword Productions
Mastered by Matt @ Foreword Productions

Politickin’ with John Brown | Smokin’ Ben Carson

The Chronic, Tical, Kaya, Kesha, Cheeba Cheeba, Dr. Greenthumb, Piff. Whether we Smoke Two Joints, Take Hits From the Bong or Pass the Kouchie to the left hand side, the culture loves to Stay High Day ’N Nite.

But something has come along that makes us question everything we’ve ever smoked. Something from a doctor who specializes in manipulating the brain. Where a contact high alone has the effects of an Evangelist conducting open-head surgery. It’s a high so strong it’ll have you running towards gunfire, thinking Egyptian Pyramids are throwback supermarkets and taking low key naps on stage. Dude.

Do you feel that the Big Bang Theory is the work of Satan? Do you giggle uncontrollably while speaking about mass shootings? Then you must be smoking on that Ben Carson.

Burn Down, Babylon.

John Brown

Credits below:
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Mighty Healthy

Weather Woman Likes It Hot

Weather, lies & videotape.

“I don’t even know what I said.”

5 Thing To Do In The Burbs During Summer


There’s new members of theBURBSLIFE who will be contributing content to the site. The homie, DANK, sets it off with his first post.

Everyone knows that the burbs can be quite repetitive and boring at times. Shit, most of the people I know in my burbs are on that zombie shit: eat, work, eat, sleep. And that’s all they do. So here’s 5 things to help you break that cycle when the burbs get boring.
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This new series of articles explores the best things to do in the overlooked nooks and crannies of the world. Hit the jump for the 10 best spots in my hometown – the Dirty Five Thirty. It wasn’t easy.
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Russian Facebook Roulette

Do yourself a favor and commit Facebook suicide. In the name of Russian Vodka.

Props Ilya and Christian

‘I Am Here….Now’ [Trailer]

Best trailer ever?

Starving Child


Ceiling Fan FAIL

Till the wheels fall off.

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