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B-Boy Battle – DVS vs Gravity

DVS vs GRAVITY B-BOY BATTLE from hip hop world on Vimeo.

Previously: Gravity Battles in Brooklyn

Iranian Break Dancing [1991]

The first dancer’s American flag-inspired jacket >>>>

Skerrit Bwoy Daggering At Best Buy

Related: John Brown w/ Skerrit Bwoy @ Club Mohegan

Benji vs. Junior B-Boy Battle

A lot of insane acrobatic styles in this classic battle that took place in Paris.

B-BOY Battle Of The Year: Russia vs. Korea

Footage from 2009’s BOTY has yet to emerge. So in the meantime here’s the final battle from last year between Korea and Russia. It was definitely a close call.

Hong 10 vs. Spee-D B-Boy Battle

Miami’s Spee-D has some serious acrobatic elements to his style, but the South Korean, Hong 10’s slow flow’s remarkable.

Freakshow vs. Insane Prototypes B-Boy Battle

LA-based crew, Freakshow, and Germany’s, Insanse Prototypes, are on some other sh!t – real gymnastic, abstract styles. There’s a lot of competition between these crews, and things eventually get heated with each one claiming that the other is biting. Still some dope moments.

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B-Boy, Gravity, Battles In Brooklyn

B-Boy, Gravity (in red), battles an unidentified breaker in Bushwick, Brooklyn on Saturday.

Korea/Japan vs. Europe IBE B-Boy Battle

The IBE just had their latest preliminary battles a couple weeks ago, but the ones from last year are definitely still worth re-visiting. Here the best breakers from Korea and Japan faced-off with the best from Europe in this gladiator arena in Paris. Are you not entertained?!!!

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