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Making of the Burbs Life Music Typography

Although the typographical element of the Burbs Life Music video comprises about 10 seconds of footage, it took hours upon hours to produce. Here‘s some pictures of the elaborate process that art directors Michael Kushner and Brian Cheung went through to produce the letters. Art, son!
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A Tribute to Berlin Street Art

Super cool


Shouts to director Brian Cheung and art director Michael Kushner for putting in work on the video for BURBSLIFE MUSIC. We shot this in San Francisco and it’s still in post production. Check out some of the sick handmade typography below. Video should drop at some point in my lifetime. #BLM

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Art Walk This Way

Oakland’s monthly art walk always has some cool pieces to accommodate any tall-can brown bagging. These were some of the more memorable pieces from a recent excursion.
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UNLIKE U Documentary Trailer

UNLIKE U highlights four generations of train writers in Berlin. It includes interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from the legendary Friedrichstraße, the meeting place of Berlin graffiti in the 90s. The film was originally pulled from stations after including illegally-shot footage, but is still circulating the web. Stay tuned for the full story…


Kings Destroy Documentary

Here’s a dope documentary that explores the story of legendary writer, Cope2, and his crew, Kings Destroy. There’s a city full of walls you can post complaints at…

Concert Posters By Scrojo

The artist, Scrojo, is an enigmatic figure, responsible for a vast amount of unique concert posters around California. While the man (or team) maintains an anonymous mystique, the quality of the work is crystal clear.

Hit the jump for some of Scrojo’s dopest pieces  
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Shots From Berlin Pt. 1

I’ve spent a lot of time recently in my new favorite city in the world – Berlin. If you haven’t been here yet, make sure you check it out before you check out. Here’s some pics I’ve taken rolling around with a 22 of Berliner in my hand. The B in Berlin stands for Burbz.
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theBURBSLIFE Stickers Part 1

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All Night Street Art Session

IRONLAK captures Jurne, Dement, Twigs, Enron & MWM doing their thing in Oakland, CA. Yeeeee!


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