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If you’ve ever seen one of Brad Hall‘s videos, you know he’s a Great. I first connected with the Chicago native last year to promote the NBA2K16 Boombox.

Venmo used be for sending money to the homies, but now you can buy shit with it. This is very exciting news. We thought it would be dope to take Brad out of his sneakerhead element to explain why Venmo is his favorite app in America. The reasons might surprise you. We went to Chicago, copped as many pieces of white gear we could find and filmed this in his living room. All the logos were done in post – except the windows, those are legit.


Creatives | Robin Fitzgerald, Christine Ramsay, Gregg Kaysen
Director |  Brad Hall
Agency | CP+B LA
Producer | Marco Vidalis
Editor | Thomas Rickert
Boss Bitches | Laura Cunningham, Rebecca Williams

Jägermeister x Mistress x theBURBSLIFE

Jägermeister launched its first ever out-of-home campaign across the United States. Among the dozens of cities blessed with these prints were NYC, Chicago, Austin, New Orleans and Columbus, Ohio (where Jäger’s kind of a big deal). Creative contributions from theBURBSLIFE.

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Cedars Sinai x Mistress x theBURBSLIFE

Taped a baby to a wall and dressed up a dog in the name of health. The photographer killed it. Creative contributions from theBURBSLIFE.
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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Coke

Guest writer, AliDurrani continues his posts for TeamBURBZ with a look at one of the world’s most recognized brands. What you know about it?

Undoubtedly, the most famous soft drink brand known to man is Coca-Cola. It happens to be my favorite beverage as well as hundreds of millions of people around the globe. I decided to research the brand and found out some pretty interesting stuff I thought I’d share with my fellow Burbanites.

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6 Classic Colt 45 Commercials

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6 Pro-Pot Ads


Some creative pot-poganda. Heads up NICOLE!
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‘The Century Of The Self’ Documentary [2002]

If you a few hours to spare, peep this disturbingly interesting BBC documentary. It explores how Sigmund Freud’s kin helped corporations and the government influence the masses to do things. Bwhahahahaaaa.

Russian Facebook Roulette

Do yourself a favor and commit Facebook suicide. In the name of Russian Vodka.

Props Ilya and Christian

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