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October surprise. In a year of Politickin‘ and Gunocide, it was time to catch a body of original work. An offering from one Griot to another. Inspired by luxury. Manifested through hustle. Welcome to theBURBSLIFE


There’s two sides to every story. Unless you’re the King of the Burbs. Then there’s two sides, cocktails and room for desert.


Production Credits via BURBERRY

Mixed by Gareth Schumacher, G Koop & theBURBSLIFE
Mastered by Marcos Jay Teno
Cover art: Courtney Schumacher
Photographer: Drew Botcherby

Matt Alonzo @ Mass Appeal Music Video Night | 9.22.16

The one and only Matt Alonzo shares some his experiences and creative perspective at #MassAppealMVN on 9.22.16. Video by Jessica Rew.

002 #MassAppealMVN set @ Delicious Pizza | 9.22.16

002 Mass Appeal Music Video Night set @ Delicious Pizza | Mix by DJ Hella Kitty [Sep 22, 2016] from Music Video Night on Vimeo.

The full music video collage from #MassAppealMVN on Sep 22, 2016 – mixed by DJ Hella Kitty.

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