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If you’ve ever seen one of Brad Hall‘s videos, you know he’s a Great. I first connected with the Chicago native last year to promote the NBA2K16 Boombox.

Venmo used be for sending money to the homies, but now you can buy shit with it. This is very exciting news. We thought it would be dope to take Brad out of his sneakerhead element to explain why Venmo is his favorite app in America. The reasons might surprise you. We went to Chicago, copped as many pieces of white gear we could find and filmed this in his living room. All the logos were done in post – except the windows, those are legit.


Creatives | Robin Fitzgerald, Christine Ramsay, Gregg Kaysen
Director |  Brad Hall
Agency | CP+B LA
Producer | Marco Vidalis
Editor | Thomas Rickert
Boss Bitches | Laura Cunningham, Rebecca Williams


A journey from boy to King.

Directed by John Atomos
Song produced by John Brown for theBURBSLIFE
Guitar and Organ by G Koop
Cuts by DJ Toure
Recorded & Mixed by Gareth Schumacher at Foreword Productions
Mastered by by Matt at Foreword Productions

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