[Music Video] Here I Am (prod. by S.O.V.)

Grab your caramel popcorn, cheap champagne and overpriced cigars – Burberry has begun.

Download song HERE

Credits and long-winded story below.

Video Directed by: Patricia Gloum
Assistant Director: Giselle Dias, Nitin Mehta
Produced by: Patricia Gloum
Director of Photography: Giselle Dias, Nitin Mehta & Patricia Gloum
Assistant Camera: Sarah Faisal
Lighting Designer: Giselle Dias & Patricia Gloum
Gaffer: William Braido
Edited by: Patricia Gloum


I’ve been Entity-ing through American Freedom and thought I’d pop up to remind you that I does this.

The song’s produced by the homie S.O.V. – a kind soul who still adheres to rapper deadlines and delusions of grandeur. Bless that man. Lyrics written at the doorstep of the Pacific Ocean; inspired from the movements of an anonymous flock of sea gulls. Shouts to wherever they wound up.

An exhaustive director’s search sought someone part Martin Scorcese part Marie Antoinette. A passionate, forceful leader comfortable with the works of Murakami, Voltaire and Broadus. International, socially isolated, and most importantly, female. Enter Parisian creative rock star, Patricia ‘Chromofilia’ Gloum. Ce’tait magnifique!

After months of strategic planning, millennial focus groups and 3-D storyboarding, we booked talent, ordered catering and did laundry. It was all then left to instinct. Muscle memory, if you will.

Post-production duties were assigned to a group of Romanian engineers, who sharpened their chops in a series of 90’s propaganda videos for genetically-modified food. They weren’t cheap! Among other things, they were responsible for super-imposing ‘Made in Davis’ on the shirt. [ed note: shirt was made in Mexico]

Mongolian Mercenaries and Wine Vineyard Tycoons both agree: this is art. An encapsulation of the human experience. A moment in time, documented for future generations to analyze from a post-digital perspective.

When asked of his whereabouts, the man took two gentle puffs from his bent Rhodesian, smiled forgivingly and raised his right hand as if to be sworn in. “Here I am,” he said. “Here I am.”

© theBURBSLIFE 2014

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