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[Music Video] Here I Am (prod. by S.O.V.)

Grab your caramel popcorn, cheap champagne and overpriced cigars – Burberry has begun.

Download song HERE

Credits and long-winded story below.

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HERE I AM | Music Video [The Physical Version ]

To launch the Here I Am video, the homie Mikey Flocka from FRANK151 helped us create the world’s first music video that you can feel for real. It’s a limited edition book that puts an analog spin on something inherently digital.

See the vision, read the lyrics and imagine how it sounds. If you got one in the mail, feel privileged. If not, contact us and we’ll sort you out. Either way, experience the digital version HERE

Hit the jump for a look inside.

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HIPHOPDX Hollywood Freestyle

A Burbs TED talk commissioned by the HipHopDX administration. 16 Bars about living theBURBSLIFE. The next one’ll cost ya.

NOS Energy Drink x Mistress x theBURBSLIFE

Check this new digital experiencefor Coca Cola’s Energy Drink – NOS. See how much of a hard-nosed rugged individualist you are.  Featuring music and creative from theBURBSLIFE.

I’m eating.

Flew to Montreal just to have GSP tell you to earn more scars.

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