[Official Video] John Brown ft. Gentry Bronson | No Games (prod. by theBURBSLIFE)

Live by the code, till my body cold

Hip-Hop’s about making something out of nothing. We all crash and burn from time to time, but perseverance separates the hikers from the trailblazers. I’m dropping bread crumbs along the way, leaving footprints with every track. You don’t always need a destination to have an Exodus. Just keep on trekking.

For the fourth video off the Burbs Life Music LP, I hopped on an Easy Jet to link with my dude Gentry Bronson in the windy streets of Amsterdam. (ed note: The world’s best cities run on bikes: Berlin, Amsterdam, Davis.) The local connect, Bram De Hollander, came through with his shorty, Cindy, to lead the videography duties. I had these poor guys standing by the frigid waterside at 8AM. Gotta get that shot! Gentry’s goons, Marten Spinder and Sacco Koster, looked out with logistical help. And I made sure to support the local farmers with liberal purchases of various shrubbery. It was a classic experience for theBURBSLIFE. And another checkered flag in the sand.

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