[Official Video] John Brown | theBEGINNING (prod. by theBURBSLIFE)

After a month of enjoying/analyzing/ignoring the Burbs Life Music LP it‘s time to bring out the visuals. All eyes on now: theBEGINNING video. Filmed in Berlin over the course of 2011, this conceptual artpiece is from the minds of Ryke Sauerbrey and Rabea Schäfers. Send them love letters. But the whole team made it a reality. Volume 10. Chapter Won.

Video Credits:
Ryke Sauerbrey / Director, Youth Organizer
Rabea Schäfers / Director, Stylist, In-House Spliff Roller
Mi Ren / Set Design, Spiritual Advisor
Simon Hollmann / Cameraman, Rational Adult
Tim Gobohead / Lightman, Amateur Comedian
Unknown / Editor
Marcus Badow / Post Production, Hip Hop Fanatic
Jascha Kreft / Props, Budding Rock Star
Peter Posniak / Field Producer, Renowned Thespian
Robert Rathnow / Assistant, Pseudo Flake
Ina Hildebrandt / Cargo Driver 1
Pierre Exner / Cargo Driver 2
Unknown / Weed Guy
Michael Opitz / Strategist, Political Operator
Alexander McMünzy / Muscle, Morale Booster
Steve Leonhardt / Consultant
Timo Kreitz / Muscle, Student

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