5 Reasons Why An MMA Political Talk Show Would Be Awesome

(Right wing, hospital. Left wing, cemetary.)

The other day I‘m eating roasted chicken and fries, about to drop a new song on Twitter and I notice another round of political grappling between legendary MMA fighters @PatMiletich and @JeffMonson They‘ve been tweeting back and forth the past couple months about everything from the Middle East saga to U.N. Agenda 21. At times it seemed like they might take it to the Octagon.

For those unfamiliar with Monson‘s left wing ideological rep, he made headlines in 2009 after getting his Anarchist Banksy on in front of ESPN photographers at the Washington State Capitol. A move that would make Lil Jon proud. Militech, while known lately for blessing Showtime with his thorough correspondent skills, seems to come from the ‘America, love-it-or-leave it‘ side of the political aisle. Then the thought crossed my mind…

They quickly saw the vision…

Shouts to Monson for invoking Conspirators Rule #4: Pre-empt suspicion by suggesting the hidden agenda before others. Well played, comrade.

So now it‘s a question of when. And where? I instinctively thought of CagePotato cause they‘re cool enough to do it. But as the universe works itself out, here‘s my main reasons why I think an ‘MMA Politically Incorrect‘ – that I tentatively call Split Decision – should get a title shot.

5 / Would Be The First Sport To Have A Political Show

There‘s a long history of athletes moving into politics – Kevin Johnson, Bill Bradley, Jack Kemp, Jesse Ventura, Harry Reid  – to name a few. Yet no league has embraced the outspoken nature of its players. If anything, they shun it. As an extreme combat sport, MMA should break this taboo and freely speak its mind like June‘s baby boy.

4 / Helps Debunk Stereotypes of MMA Fighters

Despite having a highly decorated roster of world-class martial artists, MMA fighters are still stereotyped as violent meatheads. Showcasing fighter‘s knowledge and passion towards world affairs would open peoples minds to the eclectic personalities and opinions of its participants.

3 / Many Fighters Are Already Politically Involved

While it‘s often the target of cynical politicians, MMA already has some of its athletes with one foot in the political arena: Mirko Cro Cop, Chris Lytle, *lowers voice* Chael Sonnen, Matt Lindland all come to mind. It‘s true those guys mentioned have a traditionally right-wing agenda, but I‘m sure there‘s more fighters in the sport who share similar views as Monson or Joe Rogan. Brian Condit on line 1? Imagine holding MMA vs Boxing political debates between Cro Cop and Vitali Klitschko. Even Manny Pacquiao has signaled he may run for office. Square him up against Chris Lytle to discuss Global Warming. I‘d pay to see that.

2 / Political Talk Shows Have Become Verbal Combat Sports

Not that this is necessarily a good thing, but let‘s face it, political discourse has gotten much more aggressive in the past few years. With bullies like Bill O‘Reilly telling 9/11 victims to shut up and agitators like Keith Olbermann calling out the ‘the world‘s worst people‘, it only makes sense to get professional grapplers into the mix.

1/ Pure Entertainment Value

All else aside, if you‘re passionate about politics and MMA, this shit would be fun to watch. The credibility level clearly depends on the extent to which these fighters know their issues. However, general topics, such as disparities of wealth in Stockton, would be valuable additions. We might even see the first grudge match played out in the Octagon over the consititutionality of recycling legislation. Giving a whole new meaning to trash talk.

Let‘s make this happen!


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