John Brown / Burbs Life Music ft. Sharita Renee (prod. by G Koop)

Artwork by Ning Kamhom


To my dearest Subscriber. Supporter. Dare I say, Fan.

It is I, King Burbz.

I compose this handsome epistle tucked away in the crannies of a creative peninsula. Drinking liberally. With poetic pondering as my trusted colleague. I hug my own shoulders and laugh like a madman who will never be found. Things are well.

Contrary to cynical assumption, I do not suffer from dissociative identity disorder, but rather that of an American visionary. Torn between worlds. Comfortable in none. I dedicate each cup of coffee to tomorrow, and never grow so aloof that I can’t blow my nose with a fern leaf. Bless you very much.

Rather than wait on a sign like an inebriated bloodhound, I have been transliterating the argument of Mother Nature defending me from Father Time. To my surprise, it reads much like a rap ballad. For your ears only: Burbs Life Music

Recorded at Soundbank Studio by TL Smith, SF, CA
Produced and Mixed by G Koop, Oakland, CA
Mastered by AK Koestel, Louisville, Kentucky

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2 Responses to “John Brown / Burbs Life Music ft. Sharita Renee (prod. by G Koop)”

  1. Daniel says:

    Always comes through with the production. Just keep putting out music and you’ll get noticed.

  2. ayli says:

    cant wait! i wanna see the video!! ))))

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