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A Tribute to Berlin Street Art

Super cool

John Brown / Praying On My Downfall ft. Maria Remos (prod. by Will Bracy)

Artwork By Ning Kamhom


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Make a Movie Out Em

Never seen this done before. DJ collective Screen Works chopped up classic film dialogue to make a succinct rhyme. They made a Moooovie!!!

Heads Up Gino

DJ Shadow on East Village Radio

Yolo County’s own DJ Shadow blessed the airwaves of East Village Radio Monday night. You can checkout a stream of the show HERE. No shots but East Davis > East Village

Related: DJ Shadow’s Pitchfork Interview


Shouts to director Brian Cheung and art director Michael Kushner for putting in work on the video for BURBSLIFE MUSIC. We shot this in San Francisco and it’s still in post production. Check out some of the sick handmade typography below. Video should drop at some point in my lifetime. #BLM

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theBURBSLIFE Interview with Producer Will Bracy

Oakland-based producer Will Bracy is a young virtuoso to keep an eye (and ear) out for. Homie’s got tracks on tracks on tracks piled up on his thumb drive. Here he speaks with TBL a bit on his craft and how he got started. Holler at the kid now before his stock goes up.

Art Walk This Way

Oakland’s monthly art walk always has some cool pieces to accommodate any tall-can brown bagging. These were some of the more memorable pieces from a recent excursion.
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Top 5 (T)KOs In The Last 2 Weeks

Pat Promrangka vs. Mitch Heron

After the UFC signed a deal with FOX this week, it’s clear that MMA is going to be getting more and more mainstream in the near future. Here’s a look at some of the sport’s recent fights that ended with one of the opponents waking up to a doctor’s flashlight. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Right?
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Mighty Healthy

Danny Macaskill – Industrial Revolutions

Scottish pro rider Danny Macaskill tries to out do his earlier work with a new color-corrected film flaunting his bike maneuvers. Who says wearing a bike helmet isn’t cool?!

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