This new series of articles explores the best things to do in the overlooked nooks and crannies of the world. Hit the jump for the 10 best spots in my hometown – the Dirty Five Thirty. It wasn’t easy.

10. Hacienda Park

This sleepy park was once a sketchy destination for late night roasting, but is mainly my favorite spot for daytime basketball. Although the court is smaller than normal, its lush surroundings makes for an existential workout.

9. The Greenbelt

A true friend to any Davisite, the Greenbelt is a utopian-esque oasis in the midst of the town’s cul de sac sprawl. An ideal destination for late night alcoholism or daytime tripping, this great paved beltway would make any transcendentalist teary-eyed.

8. West Plainfield

If the Greenbelt was the size of a town, it would be West Plainfield. Tucked between West Davis and Winters, this vast plain is home to countless obscure roads for brief moments of silence or prolonged isolation. I prefer the former.

7. Stevenson’s Bridge

It’s not clear who started the artistic designs that now tattoo this small bridge. Perhaps it’s related to the countless broken bottles that live underneath its pavement. A combination of metal-head scrawls with tripped-out hip hop throw-ups make Stevenson’s Bridge a unique destination for any Davis tourist. Should there be one.

6. Sophia’s Thai Kitchen

Moving into establishments, I had to big up Sophia’s for being a reasonably respectable place to get hammered. While it serves pretty banging thai food, I can count on one hand how often I ate there. It’s pseudo-lounge upstairs is where the magic happens. Kob Koon Krab, Sophia. Whoever you are.

5. Delta of Venus

Not only the best place to pick up a relatively cute feminist chick, but the Delta is one of the few spots with DJs. Albiet CD DJs. Drink outside, sprinkle some gerns with your American Spirit and enjoy a 105 degree summer day to the sounds of local music guru, Nix Glass. Could be worse.

4. G Street Pub

Last time I was in the D, the mighty G Street was under ‘renovations’, whatever reverse-gentrification bullshit that means. If it re-opens with any of its original characteristics that will be a win for any troubled local who’s looking to drown their short-term sorrows while running into old High School acquaintances. Good times.

3. Mermaid’s Seafood Grill

Curveball, I know. Many Davis locals reading this list might be confused as to why this made the cut, let alone top 5. Perhaps it’s my age and a matured taste in entertainment. Shouts to Grampa Reds. But this relatively new South Davis establishment is what happens when the 40/40 Lounge meets Red Lobster and moves to the Burbs. Yup. Total co-sign.

2. Dos Coyotes

If the last pick was surprising, this one’s a no-brainer. I’ve been to a lot of cities in the world and Dos still holds down my Top 3 favorite food spots globally. For an in-depth review, please refer to my previous article on this North-Davis born eatery.


If you ever happen to pass through Davis, California, please do yourself a favor and swing by its legendary radio station KDVS. With a library of over 75,000 records, this vinyl reservoir is one of the few original gems our city has to offer. Especially in terms of hip-hop history. – Burbz

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