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4 Russian Rap Videos Worth Checking Out

4) ТРИАГРУТРИКА – Биг Сити Лайф

Coming straight out of Chelyabinsk, Russia, rap click ТРИАГРУТРИКА are putting it down in this regional classic.
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‘Scenes From The Suburbs’ Trailer

After creating one of the smarter viral music video ideas, then releasing an album of the year, Arcade Fire, breeze into the world of short films. Directed by Spike Jonez at that. Tight. Here’s the trailer for their Burbed up flick that should have already premiered somewhere. But for now, this’ll do.



6 Pro-Pot Ads


Some creative pot-poganda. Heads up NICOLE!
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Chronicles of Fedor

With The Last Emperor’s upcoming match with Dan Henderson on the way, here’s a look at the Russian MMA legends past in this brief documentary. No disrespect, but my money’s on Hendo.
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1000 Miles and Parkourin’

Parkour, which started 20 years ago in the Burbs of France, is now as worldwide as Hip-Hop. In April, British parkourist, Sticky, took the art form into the humanitarian lane by Freerunning from the UK to Paris – 1000 miles – nonstop for a month. Dude ran an average of a marathon a day, sleeping outdoors, all to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Well dayum.

To track the figures or throw down go HERE

More vids below
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Chaps on Tour 2011

Some well shot footage of British Parkourists doing crazy shit.

‘The Century Of The Self’ Documentary [2002]

If you a few hours to spare, peep this disturbingly interesting BBC documentary. It explores how Sigmund Freud’s kin helped corporations and the government influence the masses to do things. Bwhahahahaaaa.

Samy Deluxe – Poesie Album [Music Video]

German rapper Samy Deluxe drops an elaborately illustration-themed video that included the help of dozens of artists. Hard work pays off.

Some behind-the-scenes footage of how it was made is below
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Pretty rad animated stop motion video using tons of different images. Who cares if it’s 2 years old. Still stands. Props to Tilman Singer

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