9 People Who Helped Make theBEGINNING Video

At the end of June, I shot a FVCKING AMAZING video for theBEGINNING in Prenzlauer Berg. Here’s the people you should hold responsible…

Boss Bitch/Creative Madam/Director, Frederyke Sauerbrey — who has the same birthday as my dad — came up with the concept and assembled a kick-ass team to make it happen.


Her homegirl, Rabea Schäfers — who has the same birthday as me (yea) — acted as co-director and style visionary. Extra props to Rabea for rolling up the spliffs used on set. They were beautiful.

For camera and lights, we pulled in the epic Simon Hollmann & Tim Gobohead from Hamburg. Needless to say, we worked these two to death. Sorry, guys.

The secret weapon, Robert Rathnow, came through with Art Direction and editing. Make me look good, dog!!

Set design was handled by Mi Ren, of Barcelona (on left). Here’s she’s tagging up the throne crown.

All the logistical but necessary shit got handled by the kid Jascha. His band is coming up btw.

And just when you’re thinking hella heads are looking out already, actor Peter Posniak takes it up a notch by drilling holes in his wall for one of the scenes. Thanks, bro.

This guy.

The squad in championship rounds. Finishing up day one when the trains stopped running.

Special recognition to the 6AM squad who drove the equipment van back and forth. They did their mothafuckin j.o.b.

Video will drop when it wants to drop!! More pictures on the way…

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