5 Thing To Do In The Burbs During Summer


There’s new members of theBURBSLIFE who will be contributing content to the site. The homie, DANK, sets it off with his first post.

Everyone knows that the burbs can be quite repetitive and boring at times. Shit, most of the people I know in my burbs are on that zombie shit: eat, work, eat, sleep. And that’s all they do. So here’s 5 things to help you break that cycle when the burbs get boring.

5) Lazy Day

Now this one I don’t recommend you do a lot because you’ll become pasty white and fat. When you’ve exhausted all your other resources just post up in the crib, watch a movie and grub on some junk and chill. Catch up on some sleep, get drunk by yourself. Whatever you want to do. These days are perfect for that.

4) Burbcare

In the burbs, our houses and yards represent the people inside. So every week or so you’re going to want to do some maintenance on your property. Cut that grass, trim the bushes, weed the yard. Not everyone likes it but someones you got to do it right?

3) Go For a Swim

Shit everyone in the burbs know someone who’s got a pool. So for those hot ass sticky days take a dip in your Buddy’s pool or your neighbors – they out of town anyway.

2) High Drive

It’s midnight. Not shit to do and nothing on the tube. What the hell you gone do? You’re going to roll a phatty of that kill, grab your favorite record and just go cruising. You don’t have to even be going anywhere as long as its somewhere. Just vibing and listening to your favorite tunes.

1) Burbecue

Shit everyone loves a BBQ, or how I call it, a Burbecue. Inviting family and friends, even that crazy ass uncle who just got out the pen. Just relaxing, drinking brews, eating some kill ass food and just having a great time. Ya feel me!


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