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Liquid Mountaineering


How to Safely Sleep With a Groupie

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Groupie-mania is a real phenomenon. Salacious anonymous gals, screaming in a lustful hypnotic state, want energy from your perceived success. Indulgence is not a sin, but ignorance is unforgivable. Embrace groupie ‘love’ with caution.

Key steps below

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Mystikal Freestyling in Mannie Fresh’s Ride

Mystikal catches the holy ghost after Mannie Fresh debuts new beats in the N.O. There’s something real inspiring about this clip.

Let’s Have Some Ice Cream



Cody Swaggerty’s Vector Sketches

Hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee, artist Cody Swaggerty has been getting it in with visual design work for a minute. Over the course of the past few years, he steadily blessed the kid with cartoon renditions of photos. In this video, Swaggerty records his creative process on Illustrator. It’s a painting.

A second one after the jump

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Capoeirista vs Kickboxer

You don’t tend to see many capoeiristas in full contact MMA. Here’s a rare showdown of styles in a stand-up K1 bout.

Sidebar: Anderson Silva’s been training in Capoeria and recently got his yellow cord.

Stephen Hawking Says Inhabit Outer Space or Face Extinction

Citing human’s selfish and aggressive nature, coupled with a world of finite resources, Stephen Hawking advocates getting our Total Recall popping asap. Easier said than done.

Freddie Gibbs Mini-Documentary

The Gary, Indiana native captures some scenes from his hometown while breaking down life lessons. Born 2 Roll, Bred 2 Win.

Sidebar: The background music in the intro was sampled in an old Atmosphere song.


BaySick Clothing Photo Shoot on Treasure Island

On Thursday, the homies over at BaySick Clothing put together a dope photo shoot on eerie Treasure Island to promote their new gear. TheBurbsLife was on site repping.

More pics below

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