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DJ Shadow Plays Organ at Ulster Hall

Legendary Davis native and creator of ‘Organ Donor‘ music, DJ Shadow showed off his musician chops during his recent world tour. Chuuch.


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Early GSP Fight [2002]

Before his UFC days, the welterweight champ was putting in work in Canada’s Universal Combat Challenge. Here’s his fight against Travis Galbraith back in ’02. LOL at Galbraith about to do his Paul Daley impression after the bell. But on some real shit, Anderson Silva > GSP.


The World’s Largest Skateboard

The CEO of California Skateparks, Joe Ciaglia, just designed this massive skateboard that looks like it’s from level four of Super Mario Kart. Honey, I shrunk the skaters.


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Cops May Face Death Penalty In Post-Katrina Shootings

While Johannes Mehserle awaits sentencing for his “involuntary manslaughter” conviction, the Feds are threatening members of the NOPD with capital punishment for their post-Katrina homicides. Welcome to Death Row.


War 42 recently caught up with the Swiss graffiti artist to speak about his craft and the writing scene in Germany, where he resides. Throw ya hood up.

Ridley Scott’s ‘Life In A Day’ Film

In what’s being described as an ‘historic global experiment’, Ridley Scott is producing the biggest user-generated film of all-time. On July 24th, humans everywhere are asked to submit footage of their life that day, and the most compelling content will be included. Be a part of history, but don’t quit your day job.

Collages by Jonathon Yeo

British artist Jonathan Yeo finds the world pornographic. His collages are among the many pieces that will be on display at his upcoming exhibit in LA. You’ll know it when you see it.

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Oakland Reacts to Mehserle Verdict

After Johannes Mehserle was dismissed with a slap on the wrist for murder, some people hit the streets to vent their frustrations. Videographer Oriana Bolden captured some of the reaction in the hours following the verdict. It’s dedicated to some personal friends of mine.


‘Bass Frequency’ Documentary [2001]

Venezuelan-American director, Iris B. Cegarra, has been stacking up documentaries about electronic-based music over the years. Here’s her first film created in ’01 about the Miami bass scene. Boom.

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Extreme Full Contact Jousting

The combat sport favored by knights in the Middle Ages has resurfaced as a new extreme contact sport in the States. No word if Spike has planned the reality series yet, but you know it’s on the way.


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