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Jon Stewart On Bush’s Motivational Speaking Career

After declaring at a motivational speech in Texas that he has no regrets for his tenure in office, the war criminal gets the Daily Show review. Hahaha…jokes on us.


Meet Betty Steeles

London’s Betty Steeles is on the come-up. After recently linking up with A&G Records she is prepping her official release of indie pop, with a sound that can be described as Morcheeba Unplugged.

Signature Track: “Run ‘N Hide”

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NY Times Reviews Old John Brown Exhibit

One Man’s Crusade Against Slavery, Seen From Two Angles


Piecebook Reloaded

The second installment in the Piecebook series, compiling rare graf from ’85-’05. Get you some.

Spotted at Saster x Chino


A few of the featured pieces after the jump
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New Film Explores Palestinian Hip-Hop Scene

Last night I saw a screening for the new documentary, Slingshot Hip-Hop, by the Palestinian-American Filmmaker, Jackie Salloum. It covers the rise of a few Palestinian hip-hop crews, specifically: DAM, which means “blood” in both Arabic and Hebrew; and Palestinian Rappers (PR), who are pictured below.


DAM are pioneers of the movement, who inspired other artists after their viral smash-hit, “Meen Erhabe?” or “Who’s The Terrorist?” The film also shows the universal appeal of artists like 2Pac and gets into the nitty-gritty of life as an Israeli Arab and Palestinians living under occupation. I definitely recommend it. Here’s a clip below:

Dan Osman: Extreme Rock Climber

Dan Osman is considered one of the most daring rock climbers to ever live. He died at age 37 in Yosemite after one of his ropes failed him while engaging in free-jumping – which is basically bungee-jumping at much greater heights in harsher conditions.


One of his most well-known stunts was this video below, where he climbs a rock wall that’s over 400 feet high without a safety rope in four minutes. Insane.

States Dealing With New Kush Law

Following President Barack O-Ganja’s decision to no longer federally prosecute medicinal weed users, states are weighing their options.


Funniest GF Scare Pranks

Spotted at Holy Taco

Top Picks From Sa-Ra’s Shafiq Husayn

As one-third of the group, Sa-Ra, Cleveland-native Shafiq Husayn, just dropped his solo release – “Shafiq En A-Free-Ka“. To get in tune with his artistic direction, he gives his top recommendations for a variety of things to Dazed Digital.

Here’s a sampler of the album

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Old John Brown Artifacts: “Letter From Mahala Doyle – Wife Of A John Brown Victim”

As the 150th Anniversary of John Brown’s death winds down, I’ll be posting images of some of the artifacts from his era.

After Brown was incarcerated following his raid on Harper’s Ferry, he wrote several letters from jail and even received some hate mail. This particular letter is from a woman, Mahala Doyle, whose husband and two sons were killed by Brown’s peoples at Pottawatomie. The letter really humanizes the reality behind an armed uprising.



A Transcript


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