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A Moment Of Silence


Chicago Beating Death Vigil

Man Climbs Upright At Football Game

Dude becomes this CFL game’s MVP after practically doing the upright triathlon.

Yo Gotti ft. Nicki Minaj, Trina & Gucci – “5 Star Chick”

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Picked up from 5 Star Civil




A History Of Pabst Commercials

Before it was the official drink of Hipster USA, Pabst Blue Ribbon was an All-American, mainstream lager. Brewed by the same company responsible for St. Ides, this Cali-based conglomerate dates back to 1844, but seems to have disappeared from any Super Bowl commercial spots.


Well, at one time, the brewery employed a young, Patrick Swayze, for its promotional campaign. In honor of the late actor, and one of his first employers, here’s a look back at some of the beverage’s greatest advertisements…

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B-Boy, Gravity, Battles In Brooklyn

B-Boy, Gravity (in red), battles an unidentified breaker in Bushwick, Brooklyn on Saturday.

Hilarious Flowchart To Determine GF’s Faithfulness

Got the game from Holy Taco 


Bottled Water’s Dirty Little Secrets

“My wrist look like frozen Poland Spring water” 

Yesterday, I stumbled on this art exhibit in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and thought it was a watershed moment for my relationship with Evian and its counterparts. The “water industry” doesn’t exactly have the connotation of say, the “oil industry”, but NYC-based design collective, MSLK, feels otherwise; and rightfully so. 


In fact, the anti-bottled water movement has legs. Earlier this year, San Francisco’s Mayor signed a bill forbidding city money from being spent on bottled water for its employees – “Let them drink tap water!” And just a couple months ago, a small Australian town signed a similar bill. Why all the fuss? Here’s some of the arguments one drip at a time…


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DJ Premier’s Tribute Mix: R.I.P. Grand Master Roc Raida

Download HERE


After the jump is Raida’s official obituary. RIP.

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Moore vs. Blitzer

Blitzer: Are you a Socialist? I’ll just ask the question.
Moore: I’m a Christian. And I’m a heterosexual too, if you wanna know that.  

Part 2 after the jump
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Shadow Represents On DJ Hero

Str8 out the the burbs of Davis, California, Josh “DJ Shadow” Davis, is reppin’ the dirty-530 relentlessly. On October 27, his place in hip-hop history will be immortalized in the video game matrix with the highly-anticipated release of DJ Hero.


After the jump is footage of Shadow speaking about the new venture as well as some clips from the game. All I can say is homie’s come a long long way from Steve’s Pizza. Big ups.


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