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Australia’s Craziest Surf Spot

Shipstern’s Bluff is considered one of Australia’s most intense surf sites.


Here’s a highlight reel

Kiss The Regs Goodbye

“So much purple a drought is out of the question
Fun fact: The majority of Amsterdam Cafe’s are owned by Americans. *Calls accountant* 
Spotted on 57th

DJ Shiftee Is 2009 DMC Champion

NYC-native, DJ Shiftee, took the title at this year’s DMC World DJ Championship.


Below is a clip from his winning performance. Get that scratch, homie.

The Maserati Rick Story

WorldStar continues with their generous full-length documentary rips. Their latest is an interesting look at Detroit’s infamous, Maserati Rick.

Mr. Cartoon x Cope2

The two legendary visual artists recently linked up to collaborate on this piece in LA.
Sidebar: Cope2 contributed a lot to the set design on ego trip’s (White) Rapper Show. But the whole scene with the graffiti artists was axed by the powers that be. #hiphopconfessions

Swiped from URB




Complex’s “100 Best Internet Videos Of The 2000s”

This is bananaz


Glenn Beck Asked To Define “White Culture”

Katie Couric asks Glenn Beck to back-up his accusation that President Obama is a racist who “hates white culture”. Why does this raging lunatic get so much burn?

French Montana – “Cocaine Konvicts”

Akon’s latest draft pick continues his audio coke wave. Sh!t is tough. 

Signature Track:
“Playing In The Wind”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download the mixtape HERE


Tailgating Motivation 101

The King Of Beers launched a pretty creative site tailor-made for all your tail-gating needs. I recommend checking it out before you start drinking, as its ambitious design requires some focus.  

Spotted at Freshnessmag 


Meet Madin Mohamed: 6-Year-Old Soccer Genius

Algerian, Madin Mohamed, is a once-in-a-generation soccer virtuoso who’s name is buzzing ’round the globe. Below is a clip of his skills that have many calling him the next Zidane. Regardless, I assume he’s got one helluva soccer mom.

After the jump is his appearance on a French talk-show.
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