John Brown | As I Want ft. Hash Mills (prod. by theBURBSLIFE) 08.10.13

Jokers do what they can, Kings do what they want.
Featuring Brooklyn’s finest, Hash Mills, this is required listening for all who live the life that they want. Or seek. Or vicariously live the life that they want. Or like music. Or watch football perhaps. Ok, bye.

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John Brown | European ft. Ro Kallis (prod. by theBURBSLIFE) 19.09.13

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John Brown | Filet Mignon (prod. by theBURBSLIFE) 24.07.13


[Official Video] John Brown | Life’s A Vacation (prod. by theBURBSLIFE) 02.10.12

Download the Burbs Life Music LP

Video Directed by theBURBSLIFE

Vacation. It’s not just a physical break from life’s routine, but a healthy state of mind. In the early Puritanical period of our fine Union, relaxing for reasons other than Sabbath was hated on. Ironically, it was in fact religious leaders in the Twentieth Century who encouraged vacations as a form of spiritual retreat. Lord knows we need them.

With help from @TahoeChris @brianjcaruso @marie_legat @hattieheden

Song Produced by theBURBSLIFE
Chopped & Screwed Version:


[Official Video] DCS ft. John Brown | Silber 31.08.12

For the title track off the new album by DCS, John Brown gets his spoken burbs on. Video directed by theBURBSLIFE with help from Jacco Prizn. Track produced by Peer Formance.

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[Official Video] John Brown ft. Gentry Bronson | No Games (prod. by theBURBSLIFE) 05.07.12

Live by the code, till my body cold

Hip-Hop’s about making something out of nothing. We all crash and burn from time to time, but perseverance separates the hikers from the trailblazers. I’m dropping bread crumbs along the way, leaving footprints with every track. You don’t always need a destination to have an Exodus. Just keep on trekking.
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[Official Music Video] John Brown | Transitions ft. Betty Steeles (prod. by theBURBSLIFE) 03.05.12

Here’s a hint, it ain’t a sprint but a marathon.
So I got my second wind like the air is strong.

I had to let the last couple videos breathe before we moved into Act II of this Burbathon. This visual was shot in London, where the beautiful Betty Steeles resides. That’s the homie right there. The scenes are sewn together with street art imagery from Berlin and Amsterdam. The footage was compiled over time, only to be devoured in the editing room. It’s directed by theBURBSLIFE with help from Tom Kenyatta and Nuntaporn Kamhom. We stay living for the future.


[Official Video] John Brown | Burbs Life Music 25.01.12

Welcome to the Burbianity. Burbology. Burbs Life Psychology. The second official video off the Burbs Life Music LP is for the project’s title track, produced by G Koop with background vocals by Sharita Rene. Shot in beautiful South San Francisco, it takes an up-close look at life’s details while preparing for the grind. Directed and masterminded by Brian Cheung. With help from Michael Kushner. We bout that Burbs Life.

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The Instrumentals: Burbs Life Music LP 23.01.12

This project was built on a collection of beats that have stories of their own. Seven I produced in the Bay during the Spring of ’11. Smoking grapes, eating dried guava and crab. In my own fuckin world. Three of the tracks are from the masterfully deranged virtuoso, Will Bracy. Out of Oakland. He’s not on the internets much. But the kid is stacking #Beats4Days. The anchor of the project, G Koop, held down the title track with a guitar-driven slap that reps the Wes like Montgomery. We made that beat in like an hour on a typical foggy ass morning in the Bay. Grape Swishers and Aquafina, bitch. Where my cyphas at?

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[Official Video] John Brown | theBEGINNING (prod. by theBURBSLIFE) 12.12.11

After a month of enjoying/analyzing/ignoring the Burbs Life Music LP it‘s time to bring out the visuals. All eyes on now: theBEGINNING video. Filmed in Berlin over the course of 2011, this conceptual artpiece is from the minds of Ryke Sauerbrey and Rabea Schäfers. Send them love letters. But the whole team made it a reality. Volume 10. Chapter Won.

Video Credits:
Ryke Sauerbrey / Director, Youth Organizer
Rabea Schäfers / Director, Stylist, In-House Spliff Roller
Mi Ren / Set Design, Spiritual Advisor
Simon Hollmann / Cameraman, Rational Adult
Tim Gobohead / Lightman, Amateur Comedian
Unknown / Editor
Marcus Badow / Post Production, Hip Hop Fanatic
Jascha Kreft / Props, Budding Rock Star
Peter Posniak / Field Producer, Renowned Thespian
Robert Rathnow / Assistant, Pseudo Flake
Ina Hildebrandt / Cargo Driver 1
Pierre Exner / Cargo Driver 2
Unknown / Weed Guy
Michael Opitz / Strategist, Political Operator
Alexander McMünzy / Muscle, Morale Booster
Steve Leonhardt / Consultant
Timo Kreitz / Muscle, Student

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