Matt Alonzo @ Mass Appeal Music Video Night | 9.22.16 07.10.16

The one and only Matt Alonzo shares some his experiences and creative perspective at #MassAppealMVN on 9.22.16. Video by Jessica Rew.

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002 #MassAppealMVN set @ Delicious Pizza | 9.22.16 07.10.16

002 Mass Appeal Music Video Night set @ Delicious Pizza | Mix by DJ Hella Kitty [Sep 22, 2016] from Music Video Night on Vimeo.

The full music video collage from #MassAppealMVN on Sep 22, 2016 – mixed by DJ Hella Kitty.

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002 #MassAppealMVN w/ Matt Alonzo 15.09.16

mvn_mattalonzoThe biggest night for music videos returns with the prolific Matt Alonzo + the best videos from August 2016.

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Introducing #MassAppealMVN 15.09.16

Introducing Mass Appeal Music Video Night from Music Video Night on Vimeo.

Music videos don’t get the attention they deserve. Whether it’s over-saturation, content fatigue or lack of quality control people tend to view videos passively from their devices. I’ve made a handful of videos over the years and enjoyed doing screening parties. I thought it would be cool to expand this idea – giving music videos and their directors a consistent communal platform.

In partnership with Mass Appeal, we put together #MassAppealMVN at Delicious Pizza in Los Angeles. Each month we screen a mix of our favorite new videos and feature a guest director. This short video, by Jessica Rew, gives an overview of the night and features footage from our first event with Video God.

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001 #MassAppealMVN w/ Video God 03.08.16


Hit the jump for DJ Hella Kitty’s mix of select music videos from July 2016.

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If you’ve ever seen one of Brad Hall‘s videos, you know he’s a Great. I first connected with the Chicago native last year to promote the NBA2K16 Boombox.

Venmo used be for sending money to the homies, but now you can buy shit with it. This is very exciting news. We thought it would be dope to take Brad out of his sneakerhead element to explain why Venmo is his favorite app in America. The reasons might surprise you. We went to Chicago, copped as many pieces of white gear we could find and filmed this in his living room. All the logos were done in post – except the windows, those are legit.


Creatives | Robin Fitzgerald, Christine Ramsay, Gregg Kaysen
Director |  Brad Hall
Agency | CP+B LA
Producer | Marco Vidalis
Editor | Thomas Rickert
Boss Bitches | Laura Cunningham, Rebecca Williams



A journey from boy to King.

Directed by John Atomos
Song produced by John Brown for theBURBSLIFE
Guitar and Organ by G Koop
Cuts by DJ Toure
Recorded & Mixed by Gareth Schumacher at Foreword Productions
Mastered by by Matt at Foreword Productions

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Politickin’ with John Brown: I Treat My B*tches Like Bernie 06.06.16

Whether he’s pulling out early or going all the way, Bernie Sanders has come an extraordinary distance. Was this longevity achieved by the way he spits game? How he chills with rappers? Or flies in birds? 


But if there’s one thing we learned from Vermont’s OG, it’s how to put 10 toes down for these dimes. How to ride for these ladies so they’ll bring you right to that Oval Office. 

From 2016 ’til Infinity, you already know – I Treat My B*tches Like Bernie. 
John Brown

Director: Jessica Rew & Marcos Jay Teno for Elefante Entertainment
Editor: Jessica Rew
Director of Photography: Frank Ponce
Video produced by theBURBSLIFE & Dave Horowitz
Art Direction: Jake Hanna, Christine Ramsay Leri & Thao Le
Written by John Brown & the Internet
Audio Produced by Downtown
Guest Vocals by Denikqa
Audio Recorded & Mixed by Gareth Schumacher @ Foreword Productions
Mastered by Matt @ Foreword Productions

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Politickin’ Video Release Party 04.06.16

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John Brown | God Willing 25.02.16

Shalom Alaykum.

Video Directed by Jessica Rew and Marcos Jay Teno

Song produced by theBURBSLIFE
Download it here:

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